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RWA 57307   
 Jablonski N. G., Whitfort M. J., 1999: Environmental change during the Quaternary in east Asia and its consequences for mammals. 9 pp. Records of the Western Australian Museum 57: 307-315.
  50  2
 Jaccard P., 1896: Lecon inaugurale du cours de Paléontologie végétale, professée á la Faculté des sciences de l’Université de Lausanne. 17 pp. (in French). Bulletin de la Société vaudoise des Sc. nat. 31(119): 3-19.
  150  6
 Jacobs L. L., Fiorillo A. R., Gangloff R., Pasch A., 2007: Desmostylian remains from Unalaska Island, Aleutian Chain, Alaska. 15 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 189-202.
  95  4
 Jánossy D., 1972: Middle Pliocene Microvertebrate Fauna from the Osztramos Loe. I. (Northern Hungary). 26 pp. Ann. Hist.-nat. Mus. Nat. Hung. 64: 27-52.
  195  8
AZC 1921   
 Jánossy D., 1974: Upper Pliocene and lower Pleistocene bird remains from Poland. 36 pp. [80808] Acta zoologica cracoviensia
  195  8
BCZ 15601   
 Jenkins F. A. Jr., Shapiro M. D., Owerkowicz T., eds., 2001: Studies in organismic and evolutionary biology in honor of A. W. Crompton. 19 papers on Vertebrata. 303 pp. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 156/1: 1-303.
  1490  60
BCZ 15806   
 Jenkins F. A. Jr., Walsh D. M., Carroll R., 2007: Anatomy of Eocaecilia micropodia, a Limbed Caecilian of the Early Jurassic. 81 pp. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 158/6: 285-366.
  495  20
AMP 16125   
 Jerman J., 1960: Paleohistological researche in Riss-Wür, travertines in the area Hrádok – Gánovce near Poprad (Czechoslovakia). 39 pp. Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae 16B(3): 125-163.
  150  6
 Jingjing T., Dong R., 2009: Mesozoic Archostematan Fauna from China. (in Japan & English). 347 pp. www.science.com Discount 30%!
  693  28
MMG 087101   
 Johanson K. J., Wichard W., 1997: Caddisflies of Baltic Amber 4. New descriptions of Palaeohelicopsyche (Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae). 8 pp. [M21] Mitteilungen der münchner entomologischen Gesellschaft 87: 101-108.
  50  2
 Johanson Z., 1975: The Upper Devonian Fish Bothriolepis (Placodermi: Antiarchi) from near Canowindra, New South Wales, Australia. 32 pp. 
  250  10
RWA 57055   
 Johanson Z., Young G. C., 1999: New Bothriolepis (Antiarchi: Placodermi) from the Braidwood region, New South Wales, Australia (Middle-Late Devonian). 21 pp. Records of the Western Australian Museum 57: 55-75.
  150  6
LAM 105195B   
 Jolivet P., 2005: Reviews: Hou, X.-G., Aldridge, R. J., Bergström, J., Siveter, D. J., Siveter, D. J., and Xiang-Hong, F. 2004. The Cambrian fossils of Chengjiang, China. The flowering of Early Animal life. 1 pp. (in French). Lambillionea 105(1): 195.
  50  2
 Jordan K. H. C., 1967: Wanzen aus dem Pliozän von Willershausen. 14 pp. 
  150  6

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