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PAL 8   
 Cahuzac B., 2007: Inventaire des espéces fossiles étudiées et/ou figurées dans notre Bulletin de fin 2003 a fin 2006. 2 pp. Bull. Soc. Linn. Bordeaux 2: 219-220.
  50  2
BMT 12439   
 Campanino F., Forno M. G:, Mottura A., Ormezzano D., Sala B., 1994: Stephanorhinus jeanvireti (Guérin) 1972 (Rinocerotidae, Mammalia) from Roatto near Villafranca d’Asti, NW Italy. Revision of the specimen from Dusino. 61 pp. (in English). Bolletino del Museo regionale di Scienze Naturali – Torino 12(2): 439-499.
  495  20
RAM 51123   
 Campbell K. S. W., Barwick R. E., 1999: A new species of the Devonian lungfish Dipnorhynchus from Wee Jasper, New South Wales. 18 pp. Records of the Australian Museum 51: 123-140.
  95  4
RWA 57107   
 Campbell K. S. W., Barwick R. E., 1999: Dipnoan fishes from the Late Devonian Gogo formation of western Australia. 32 pp. Records of the Western Australian Museum 57: 107-138.
  195  8
RAM 52103   
 Campbell K. S. W., Barwick R. E., 2000: The braincase, mandible and dental structures of the early devonian lungfish Dipnorhynchus kurikae from Wee Jasper, New South Wales. 26 pp. Records of the Australian Museum 52: 103-128.
  150  6
REP 168   
 Campos D. de A., Martin Suarez J., Riff D., Kellner A. W. A., 2001: Short note on a new Baurusuchidae (Crocodyliformes, Metasuchia) from the upper cretaceous of Brazil. 7 pp. (in English). Boletim Mus. Nac. (N.S.) Geologia 57: 1-7.
  50  2
PSC 106   
 Capasso L., 2000: Storia della paleoittiologia Italiana. 10 pp. 
  50  2
RPC 27033   
 Cappetta H., Cavallo O., 2006: Les selaciens du Pliocene de la region d’Alba (Piémont, Italie Nord-Ouest). 44 pp. (in Italian). Rivista Piemontese di Storia Naturale 27: 33-76.
  350  14
PAL 12   
 Carpenter F. M., 1938: Two Carboniferous insects from the Vicinity of Mazon Creek, Illinois. 8 pp. (in English). Am. Jour. Sc. - Fifth Series 37: 445-452.
  50  2
ORT 1378   
 Carpenter F. M., 1948: The supposed nymphs of the Palaedictyoptera. 9 pp. (in English). Psyche 55: 41-49.
  50  2
ACM 76227   
 Carpenter K., Wilson Y., 2008: A new species of Camptosaurus (Ornithopoda: Dinosauria) from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, and a biomechanical analysis of its forelimb. 37 pp. Annals of Carnegie Museum 76(4): 227-263.
  295  12
BMT 09S099   
 Carraro F., Lanza R., Perotto A., Zanella E., 1991: L’evoluzione morfologica del Biellese occidentale durante il Pleistocene inferiore e medio, in relazione all’inizio della construzione dell’Anfiteatro Morenico d’Ivrea. 19 pp. (in English). Bolletino del Museo regionale di Scienze Naturali – Torino 9 (suppl.): 99-117.
  95  4
MAM 253   
 Carrasco M. A., Barnosky A. D., Kraatz B. P., Davis E. B., 2007: The Miocene mammal mapping project (MIOMAP): An online database of Arikareean through Hemphillian fossil mammals. 6 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 183-188.
  50  2
AZC 3111   
 Carroll R. L., 1988: An articulated gymnarthrid microsaur (Amphibia) from the Upper Carboniferous of Czechoslovakia. 10 pp. [REP 46] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 31/11: 441-450.
  50  2
ACM 74151   
 Casadío S., Feldmann R. M., Parras A., Schweitzer C. E., 2005: Miocene fossil decapoda (Crustacea: Brachyura) from Patagonia, Argentina, and their paleoecological setting. 38 pp. Annals of Carnegie Museum 74(3): 151-188.
  295  12
MAM 254   
 Chaimanee Y., Yamee C., Marandat B., Jaeger J.-J., 2007: First middle Miocene rodents from the Mae Moh Basin (Thailand): Biochronological and paleoenvironmental implications. 7 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 157-163.
  50  2
CBU 60333   
 Chatzimanolis S., Caterino M. S., Engel M. S., 2006: The first fossil of the subfamily Trypanaeinae (Coleoptera: Histeridae): A new species of Trypanaeus in Dominican amber. 8 pp. The Coleopterists Bulletin 60(4): 333-340.
  50  2
ACM 81281   
 Chatzimanolis S., Engel M. S., 2013: The fauna of Staphylininae in Dominican amber (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). 14 pp. (in English). Annals of Carnegie Museum 81(4): 281-294.
  150  6
ACM 80159   
 Chester S. G. B., Beard K. C., 2012: New micromomyid plesiadapiforms (Mammalia, Euarchonta) from the late Paleocene of Big Multi Quarry, Washakie Basin, Wyoming. 14 pp. Annals of Carnegie Museum 80(2): 159-172.
  95  4
SCA 1852   
 Chin K., Gill B. D., 1996: Dinosaurs, dung beetles, and conifers: participants in a Cretaceous food web. 6 pp. (in English). Palaios 11: 280-285.
  50  2
INS 798   
 Cockerell T. D. A., 1908: Descriptions of tertiary insects. 7 pp. (in English). Journal of Science 26: 69-75.
  50  2
DIP 5155   
 Collin J. E., 1931: The fossil Stratiomyid was described by cockerell as Stratiomys brodiei in 1915. 2 pp. 
  50  2
BMT 06279   
 Conti S., 1988: Biomineralizzazione e fosfato di calcio: considerazioni geologico-paleontologiche. 15 pp. (in Italian). Bolletino del Museo regionale di Scienze Naturali – Torino 6(1): 279-293.
  95  4
MOL 114   
 Cook A. G., Matthew C. Ng., 2008: An early devonian gastropod faunule from the Mt. Etna beds central Queensland. 8 pp. (in English). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 52(2): 57-64.
  50  2
RWA 57239   
 Cooke B. N., 1999: Wanburoo hilarus gen. et sp. nov., a lophodont bulungamayine kangaroo (Marsupialia: Macropodoidea: Bulungamayinae) from the Miocene deposits of Riversleigh, northwestern Queensland. 15 pp. Records of the Western Australian Museum 57: 239-253.
  95  4
 Cooper G. A., Arellano A. R. V., Johnson J. H., Okulitch V. J., Stoyanow A., Lochman C., 1952: Cambrian stratigraphy and paleontology near Caborca, northwestern Sonora, Mexico. With 31 plates, 184 pp.  Discount 20%!
  236  9.60
 Cooper G. A., Dunbar C. O., Duncan H., Miller A. K., Knight J. B., 1953: Permian fauna at El Antimonio, Western Sonora, Mexico. With 25 plates, 111 pp.  Discount 20%!
  316  12.80
ACM 80239   
 Coster P., Benammi M., Salem M., Bilal A. A., Chaimanee Y., Valentin X., Brunet M., Jaeger J.-J., 2012: New hystricognathous rodents from the early Oligocene of central Libya (Zallah Oasis, Sahara Desert): systematic, phylogenetic and biochronologie implications. 21 pp. (in English). Annals of Carnegie Museum 80(3): 239-259.
  150  6
ACM 77259   
 Crawford R. S., Casadío S., Feldmann R. M., Griffin M., Parras A., Schweitzer C. E., 2008: Mass mortality of fossil Decapods within the Monte Léon formation (Early Miocene), Southern Argentina: victims of Andean volcanism. 29 pp. Annals of Carnegie Museum 77(2): 259-287.
  250  10
HYM 842   
 Currado I., Olmi M., 1983: Primo reperto di Driinide fossile in ambra della Repubblica Dominicana (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae). 5 pp. 
  50  2
AZC 371055   
 Czyzewska T., Stefaniak K., 1994: Euprox furcatus (Hensel, 1859) (Cervidae, Mammalia) from Przeworno (Middle Miocene, Lower Silesia, Poland). 20 pp. [80300] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 37(1): 55-74.
  95  4
AZC 371047   
 Czyzewska T., Stefaniak K., 1994: Tragulidae (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from the Middle Miocena of Przeworno (Lower Silesia, Poland). 7 pp. [MAM 101] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 37(1): 47-53.
  50  2

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