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Cat. no. FSB 06

Fauna of Saudi Arabia, vol. 6(1984). Papers on nature conservation, climate, marine ecology, helminth parasites, Tubificidae, Hirudinea, Acarina, Mantodea, Orthoptera, Odonata, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, parasitic arthropods, skinks, chameleons, birds, bats. 556 pp.Fauna of Saudi Arabia 6: 1-556. 
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Al-Sayed I., 1984: The Asir National Park: first wildlife refuge for Saudi Arabia. 6 pp.
Al-Khalili A. D., Nader I: A., 1984: An ecological study of the Asir National Park with a check-list of the terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the park and its surroundings. 21 pp.
Siraj A., 1984: Climatological features of Saudi Arabia. 21 pp.
McCain J. C., 1984: The intertidal infauna of the sand beaches in the northern area, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. 26 pp.
McCain J. C., 1984: The nearshore, soft-bottom benthic communities of the northern area, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. 23 pp.
McCain J. C., Tarr A. B., Carpenter K. E., Coles S. L., 1984: A survey of coral reefs and reef fishes in the northern area, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. 25 pp.
Nasher A. K., 1984: Helminth parasites of the spiny mouse, Acomys dimidiatus (Cretzschmar), from southwest Saudi Arabia. 3 pp.
Erséus C., 1984: Marine Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) of the Arabian Golf coast of Saudi Arabia. 25 pp.
Kinzelbach R., Rückert F., 1984: The leeches (Hirundia) of Saudi Arabia. 7 pp.
Bafort J. M., Fain A., 1984: Hypopi of Hypoderidae (Acarina: Sarcoptiformes) parasites of the white pelican in the Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia. 3 pp.
Hoogstraal H., Wassef H. Y., Diab F. M., Al-Asgah N. A., Al-Khalifa M. S., 1984: Ornithodoros (Alveonasus) laborensis (fam. Argasidae) in Saudi Arabia: biological, veterinary and medical implications. 5 pp.
Hoogstraal H., 1984: Iconography for Boophilus and Hyalomma: species identification (fam. Ixodidae). 5 pp.
Popov G. B., 1984: Orthoptera: fam. Stenopelmatidae and Gryllacrididae. 28 pp.
Kaltenbach A., 1984: New species and further records of Mantodea from Saudi Arabia and Oman. 7 pp.
Péricart J., 1984: Hemiptera: fam. Tingidae (part 2). 9 pp.
Matile-Ferrero D., 1984: Homoptera: subordo Coccoidea. 10 pp.
Brancucci M., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Haliplidae, Noteridae, Dytiscidae, Gyrinidae (part 4). 14 pp. [18833]
Wittmer W., 1984: Coleoptera: Fam. Malachiidae (Part 4). 6 pp.
Rücker H. W., 1984: A new species of Melanophthalma from Saudi Arabia (Coleoptera: Lathridiidae). 2 pp.
Œlipinski S. A., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Colydiidae. 4 pp.
Œlipinski S. A., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Silvanidae and Cucujidae. 5 pp.
Švihla V., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Oedemeridae (part 2). 7 pp. [TEN1222]
Pittino R., 1984: Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: a revision of the family Aphodiidae. 94 pp.
Doguet S., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Chrysomelidae, subfam. Alticinae (part 2). 6 pp.
Colonnelli E., 1984: Coleoptera: fam. Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae. 9 pp.
Baldizzone G., 1984: Lepidoptera: fam. Coleophoridae. 12 pp.
Wiltshire E. P., 1984: Lepidoptera: fam. Noctuidae (part 4). 25 pp.
Richards O. W., 1984: Hymenoptera: fam. Masaridae (the Arabian species). 10 pp.
Richards O. W., 1984: Hymenoptera: fam. Vespidae (social wasps of the Arabian Peninsula). 18 pp.
Büttiker W., Lewis D. J., 1984: Some ecological aspects of Saudi Arabian Peninsula phlebotomine sandflies (Diptera: Psyhcodidae) (Addendum). 3 pp.
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