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FHA 02046 
 Rakovič M., 1994: A review of species of the genus Psammodius (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae) of the Indian subcontinent. 10 pp. [M09]  
  95  4
FHA 04087 
 Rakovič M., Král D., 1996: A review of the Leiopsammodius species of the Malayan subregion (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae). 6 pp. [FHC 068] [M11]  
  95  4
FHA 06043 
 Rakovič M., 1998: A key to species of the genus Granulopsammodius (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae) and description of a new species from Iran. 5 pp. [FHC 088] [M11]  
  95  4
FHA 09073 
 Rakovič M., 2001: Review of Psammodiinae of New Caledonia with description of a new species (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae). 7 pp.  Folia Heyrovskyana 9(1): 73-79.
  95  4
FHA 13179 
 Rozkošný R., Knutson L., 2006: Two new species of Euthycera with records of Middle Asian Sciomyzidae (Diptera). 15 pp. [FHC224] [M21] [M54]  Folia Heyrovskyana 13A(2005)(4): 179-193.
  95  4
FHA 20105 
 Rakovič M., Mencl L., 2012: Linargius pangmalai gen. et sp. n. (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae: Aphodiinae: Aphodiini) from the Oriental Region. 6 pp. (in English).  Folia Heyrovskyana 20A(3-4): 105-110.
  50  2
FHB 26 
Růžička J., Jakubec P., 2016: Agyrtidae, Silphidae. Icones insectorum Europae centralis. 17 pp. Second edition with more information and improved colour pictures.  Folia Heyrovskyana 26B: 1-17.
  150  7

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