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 Ubick D., 2005: New genera and species of cribellate Coelotine spiders from California (Araneae: Amaurobiidae). 32 pp. (in English). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 56(24): 305-336.
  250  10
 Ubick D., Briggs T. S., 1992: The harvestman family Phalangodidae. 3. Revision of Texella Goodnight and Goodnight (Opiliones: Laniatores). 86 pp. (in English). Texas Mem. Mus., Speleol. Monogr. 3: 155-240.
  690  28
ARA 1525   
 Uetz G. W., Stratton G. E., 1983: Communication in spiders. 6 pp. 
  50  2
ARA 1023   
 Ugarte E., Arriagada J., 1983: Presencia de Arachnitis uniflora Phil. (Corsiaceae) en la peninsula de Hualpen, concepcion, Chile. 4 pp. 
  50  2
GEN 21309   
 Ujvári Z., 2010: Zercon myriasetosus sp. n., an extraordinary species of the family Zerconidae (Acari: Mesostigmata). 6 pp. (in English). Genus 21(2): 309-314.
  50  2
GEN 22677   
 Ujvári Z., 2011: New records of Prozercon Sellnick, 1943 species from Croatia, with description of a new species (Acari: Mesostigmata: Zerconidae). 13 pp. Genus 22(4): 677-689.
  50  2
GEN 08735   
 Urhan R., 1997: Two new species of mites of the family Zerconidae from Turkey (Acari: Mesostigmata). 8 pp. [ARA1722] Genus 8(3-4): 735-742.
  50  2
GEN 12589   
 Urhan R., 2001: Studies on mites of the genus Zercon Koch from Turkey (Acari: Gamasida: Zerconidae). 9 pp. [ARA1723] Genus 12(4): 589-597.
  50  2
 Usher M. B., Booth R. G., 1986: Arthropod communities in a maritime Antarctic moss-turf habitat: multiple scales of pattern in the mites and Collembola. 16 pp. 
  95  4
ARA 1526   
 Usher M. B., Davis P. R., 1983: The biology of Hypoaspis aculeifer (Canestrini) (Mesostigmata): in there a tendency towards social behaviour 8 pp. 
  50  2
ARA 1726   
 Ushiwata C. T., Sautter K. D., Kobiyama M., 1995: Influence of compaction of a forest soil on the soil fauna in a subtropical region. I. Oribatei (Acari, Cryptostigmata) and Collembola (Insecta). 9 pp. Revta bras. Zool. 12(4): 905-913.
  50  2
ARA 1024   
 Uzenbaev S. D., 1990: Struktura naselenija i sezonnaja dinamika čislennosti paukov čerpetobija elnika zelenomošnogo. 8 pp. 
  50  2

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