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ARA 824   
 Smith K. G. V., 1950: Mites on Limonia tripunctata F. (Dipt. Tipulidae). 2 pp. 
ARA 825   
 Smith K. G. V., 1951: Acarine larvae on Limonia tripunctata F. (Dipt., Tipulidae) and on a species of Chironomidae (Dipt.). 1 pp. 
DIP 7133   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: A second British record of Myopa occulta Meig. (Dipt., Conopidae) with notes on related species in the genus. 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7134   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Abdominal teratology in the genus Chrysotoxum (Dipt., Syrphidae). 3 pp. [M42] 
ARA 826   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Further notes on Acari in association with Limonia tripunctata F. and other Tipulidae (Dipt.). 4 pp. 
ARA 2145   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Further notes on Acari in association with Limonia tripunctata F. and other Tipulidae (Dipt.). 4 pp. [M25] 
ARA 827   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Notes on some Acarine ectoparasites of Diptera. 1 pp. 
ARA 2146   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Notes on some acarine ectoparasites of Diptera. 1 pp. [M25] 
HEM 3004   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Some additions to the Hemiptera – Heteroptera of Shropshire. 1 pp. [M45] 
DIP 7136   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Some records of Syrphidae (Dipt.) from th Hebrides and Westerness. 1 pp. 
ODN 351   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Sympetrum flaveolum L. (Odon., Libellulidae) in Herefordshire. 1 pp. 
DIP 7137   
 Smith K. G. V., 1955: Syrphus arcuatus Fln. (Dipt. Syrphidae) in Hampshire and Dorset. 1 pp. [M42] 
HYM 7015   
 Smith K. G. V., 1956: Antennal teratology in Tenthredopsis nassata L. (Hym., Tenthredinidae). 2 pp. [M43] 
DIP 7138   
 Smith K. G. V., 1956: Sciomyza annulipes Zett., an addition to the list of British Sciomyzidae (Dipt.). 1 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7139   
 Smith K. G. V., 1956: Some records of Ocyptera interrupta Mg. (Dip., Tachinidae). 1 pp. [M42] 
THY 370   
 Smith K. G. V., 1956: Some records of Thysanoptera from Shropshire and Buckinghamshire. 1 pp. [M36] 
DIP 7140   
 Smith K. G. V., 1956: The Conopidae (Diptera) in the Dale collection with revisionary notes on the British species of Thecophora Rond. (= oncomyia LW). 3 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7141   
 Smith K. G. V., 1957: Notes on the immature stages of four British species of Lonchaea Fln. (Dipt., Lonchaeridae). 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7142   
 Smith K. G. V., 1960: A new species of Pleurocerinella Brunetti (Dipt., Conopidae) from South Africa. 2 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7143   
 Smith K. G. V., 1961: A new species of Asymphyloptera Collin (Dipt., Empididae, Clinocerinae) from Australia. 1 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7144   
 Smith K. G. V., 1961: Ergebnisse der Deutschen Afghanistan-Expedition 1956 der Landessammlungen für Naturkunde Karsruhe Conopidae (Diptera). 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7146   
 Smith K. G. V., 1961: On the genus Macrostomus Wiedemann (Diptera: Empididae) with notes on the included species and new synonymy. 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7148   
 Smith K. G. V., 1971: Eustalomyia hilaris Fallén (Diptera, Anthomyiidae) confirmed as British, with notes on other species of the genus. 6 pp. 
DIP 6649   
 Smith K. G. V., 1973: 255. Conopidae II. Ergebnisse der zoologischen Forschungen von Dr. Z. Kaszab in der Mongolei. (Diptera). 8 pp. [M42] Faun. Abh. Mus. Tierk. Dresden 4(1970-1973): 127-134.
DIP 5973   
 Smith K. G. V., 1974: An unidentified Cyclorrhaphous Dipterous larva parasitic upon an adult Atherigona (Diptera: Muscidae) from Australia. 3 pp. [M42] 
DIP 3302   
 Smith K. G. V., 1975: A new species of Lamprempis Wheeler Melander from Brazil, with a key to the described species of the genus (Diptera, Empididae). 6 pp. [M40] 
DIP 7150   
 Smith K. G. V., 1975: First new world occurrence of the Prosthetosominae (Muscidae), an enigmatic termitophilous „subfamily“ based on larval forms (Dipt.). 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 6913   
 Smith K. G. V., 1978: Some remarkable Tachinid larvae (Diptera) parasitic in species of Apirocalus Pascoe (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in New Guinea. 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7151   
 Smith K. G. V., 1981: H. Loew’s 1870 paper on Diptera from Turkestan. 6 pp. 
DIP 7152   
 Smith K. G. V., 1988: Larvae of Tachinidae (Dipt.) in human myiasis. 4 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7154   
 Smith K. G. V., Cunningham-Van Someren G. R., 1985: The larva of Stylogaster varifrons Malloch (Dipt., Stylogastridae). 6 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7156   
 Smith K. G. V., Grensted L. W., 1963: The larva of Psychoda (Philosepedon) humeralis Meigen (Diptera, Psychodidae). 2 pp. 
DIP 7157   
 Smith K. G. V., Taylor E., 1964: On the location and recognition of some Walker types of Diptera from the W. W. Saunders collection – an addendum. 1 pp. [M42] 
DIP 7158   
 Smith K. G. V., Taylor E., 1966: Anisopus Larvae (Diptera) in cases of intestinal and urino-genital myiasis. 3 pp. [M42] 
 Smith L. M., Ferris C. A., 1942: New materials for control of the mealy plum Aphid. 28 pp. (in English). 
 Smith L. M., Ferris C. A., 1942: New materials for control of the mealy plum aphid. 28 pp. (in English). 
APT 347   
 Smith L. M., Gonzales R. H., 1964: Japygidae of South America 4: The genus Austrjapyx and descriptions of new species. 6 pp. 
FHA 12179   
 Smith-Pardo A. H., Engel M. S., 2005: The bee genus Micrommation (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) A new diagnosis and description of the male. 2 colour plates, 11 pp. [FHC 210] [M13] 
HYM 7489   
 Smitt G., Roth M., 2000: Hymenoptera Parasitica unterchiedlicher Landnutzungstypen der offenen Kulturlandschaft Nordostdeutschlands. 5 pp. (in German). Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. Allg. Angew. Ent. 12: 379-383.
PPE 40287   
 Smolarz S., 1970: Biologia mszycy sliwowo-trzcinowej – Hyalopterus pruni (Geoff.) (Homoptera, Aphidodea). 57 pp. [40635] Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 40(2): 287-343.
GEN 06259   
 Smolenski M., 1995: Description of a typical pupa of the tribe Paederini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae). 18 pp. [M06] [15267] 
PPE 26121   
 Smreczynski S., 1957: Curculionides (Coleoptera) nouveaux d’Europe orientale. 13 pp. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 26(9): 121-133.
PPE 26005   
 Smreczynski S., 1957: Remarques sur le genre Alophus Schönherr (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). 36 pp. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 26(1): 5-40.
AZC 0211   
 Smreczynski S., 1957: Uwagi o rodzaju Miarus Stephens (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). 19 pp. [M18] 
AZC 0303   
 Smreczynski S., 1958: Vorstudien zu einer Monographie des Subgenus Liophloedes Weise 1894 (Gen. Liophloeus Germar 1824) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). 54 pp. Acta zoologica cracoviensia 3/3: 67-120.
AZC 0411   
 Smreczynski S., 1959: Sitona lineellus Bonsd., S. ambiguus Gyll. sp. propr. i S. tibialis var. brevicollis Gyll. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). 16 pp. [M54] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 4/11: 639-654.
FFA 08423   
 Smreczynski S., 1960: Uwagi o danych faunistycznych S. Tenenbauma odnoszacych sie do rykowców (Curculionidae, Coleoptera) Polski. Bemerkungen zu den faunistischen Angaben von Sz. Tenenbaum über die Rüsselkäfer (Curculionidae, Coleoptera) Polens. 8 pp. 
AZC 0801   
 Smreczynski S., 1963: Otiorrhynchus (Dorymerus) schaumi Stierl. und seine Verwandten (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). 27 pp. [M54] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 8/1: 1-25.
PPE 33161   
 Smreczynski S., 1963: Variabilität des Plinthus sturmi Germ. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Bulgarien. 12 pp. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 33/6: 161-172.
AZC 1312   
 Smreczynski S., 1968: Bemerkungen zu manchen, vorwiegend europäischen, Lixini- Arten (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). 23 pp. [M15] 

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