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FHU 20   
 Bajári E., 1957: Hymenoptera: Sphecoidea I. Fauna Hungariae. 117 pp.  Discount 50%!
  248  10
FHU 54   
 Bajári E., 1960: Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea 1. Fauna Hungariae. 266 pp.  Discount 50%!
  495  20
 Balevski N., 1999: Catalogue of the braconid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) isolated from various phytophagous insect hosts in Bulgaria. 126 pp.  Discount 20%!
  396  16
 Banaszak J., (ed.), 1992: Natural resources of wild bees in Poland. 174 pp.  Discount 20%!
  396  16
KOP 161   
 Banaszak J., Romasenko L. Cierzniak T., 2001: Hymenoptera: Apidae: Megachilinae. Klucze owadów Polski XXIV(68f). 156 pp.  Discount 50%!
  395  0
 Berland L., 1958: Atlas des Hyménopteres de France Belgique, Suisse. I. Tenthredes, parasites porte-aiguillon (béthylides). 14 planches, 155 pp. 
  295  12
FFR 86    
 Bitsch J., Dollfuss H., Bouèek Z., Schmidt K., Schmid-Egger C., Gayubo S. F., Antropov A. V., Barbier Y., 2001: Hyménoptéres Sphecidae d'Europe Occidentale. Volume III. Faune de France 86. 459 pp. 
  2690  95
 Blank S. M., Schmidt S., Taeger A., 2006: Recent sawfly research : Synthesis and prospects. 16 plates, 704 pp. 
  3590  144
 Brian M. V., 1986: Social insects. Ecology and behavioural biology. 398 pp. (in Russian).  Discount 20%!
  236  9.60
 Brullé M., F., Laporte de Castelnau M., Blanchard E., 1840: Histoire naturelle des animaux articulés. Annelides: crustacés, arachnides, myriapodes et insectes. Histoire des insectes coléopteres (tomes I by Brullé & Castelnau and II by Castelnau), orthopteres, neuropteres, hémipteres, hyménopteres, lépidopteres et dipteres (tome III by Blanchard) (in French), 1840. Three parts in three half-leather bound books. 8vo. Title-page in part I missing, (I) cxxv+324 pp.; (II) 563 pp.; (III) 672 pp. 128 hand-coloured or tinted engraved plates MISSING. The rare first edition. Contains the descriptions of many new and little known species of Coleoptera, Diptera, and Lepidoptera, etc. Horn-Schenkling quotes four volumes, but volume IV is by Lucas on crustacés etc... Paris, Duménil Discount 30%!
  10493  420
CLW 03   
 Byers G. W., Hagen R. H., Brooks R. W. (eds.), 1999: Entomological contributions in memory of Byron A. Alexander. [32 papers mainly on Hymenoptera, also on Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera, Mecoptera, and Acari.] 251 pp. 
  990  40

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