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AVE 231   
 Wada T., 1999: Number of bird species breeding in parks of Osaka City. 11 pp. 
AVE 232   
 Walluschek-Wallfeld H., 1996: Erster Brutnachweis des Gänsesägers (Mergus merganser L.) für die Steiermark (Aves). 4 pp. 
AVE 233   
 Watson G. E., Amerson A. B., 1967: Instructions for collecting bird parasites. 12 pp. 
SPX 36269   
 Wegener J. E., Swoboda S., Hawlitschek O., Franzen M., Wallach V., Vences M., Nagy Z. T., Hedges S. B., Köhler J., Glaw F., 2013: Morphological variation and taxonomic reassessment of the endemic Malagasy blind snake family Xenotyphlopidae (Serpentes, Scolecophidia). 14 pp. Spixiana 36(2): 269-282.
 Werder U., 1983: Age determination by scale analysis in juvenile Matrincha (Brycon cf. melanopterus Müller & Troschel, Teleostei: Characoidei) a tropical characin from the Central Amazon. 20 pp. Amazoniana 7(4): 445-464.
 Werder U., Soares G. M., 1984: Age determination by sclerite numbers, and scale variations in six fish species from the Central Amazon (Osteichthyes, Characoidei). 26 pp. Amazoniana 8(3): 395-420.
AVE 234   
 Wetmore A., 1915: A peculiarity in the growth of the tail feathers of the Giant Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil). 4 pp. 
AVE 235   
 Wetmore A., 1919: Bones of birds collected by Theodoor de Booy from kitchen midden deposits in the Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. 11 pp. 
AVE 236   
 Wetmore A., 1919: On the anatomy of Nyctibius with notes on allied birds. 10 pp. 
AVE 237   
 Wetmore A., 1925: Fossil birds from southeastern Arizona. 18 pp. 
AVE 238   
 Wetmore A., 1930: A systematic classification for the birds of the world. 8 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1932: Birds collected in Cuba and Haiti by the Parish-Smithsonian Expedition of 1930. 40 pp. 
AVE 239   
 Wetmore A., 1936: Two new species of hawks from the Miocene of Nebraska. 6 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1937: Observations on the birds of West Virginia. 41 pp. 
AVE 256   
 Wetmore A., 1938: A Miocene booby and other records from the Calvert formation of Maryland. 5 pp. 
AVE 240   
 Wetmore A., 1938: Another fossil owl from the Eocene of Wyoming. 3 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1939: Notes on the birds of Tennessee. 69 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1940: Notes on the birds of Kentucky. 46 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1941: Notes on birds of the Guatemalan highlands. 59 pp. 
 Wetmore A., 1944: A collection of birds from northern Guanacaste Costa Rica. 56 pp. 
 Wetmore A., Lincoln F. C., 1933: Additional notes on the birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 68 pp. 
SPX 36113   
 Wirtz P., Brito A., Falcón J. M., Freitas R., Fricke R., Monteiro V., Reiner F., Tariche O., 2013: The coastal fishes of the Cape Verde Islands – new records and an annotated check-list (Pisces). 30 pp. Spixiana 36(1): 113-142.
SPX 35149   
 Wirtz P., Schliewen U. K., 2012: A new species of Liopropoma Gill, 1862 from the Cape Verde Islands, Eastern Atlantic (Teleostei, Perciformes, Serranidae). 6 pp. Spixiana 35(1): 149-154.
 Witt R., 1995: Ptáci. Steinbachův velký průvodce přírodou. Poznat přírodu – přírodě porozumět. Přes 300 ptačích druhů. Přes 500 barevných fotografií. 159 pp. 
ZVA 29   
 Wohlgemuth E., 1996: Zvířena dvou vysýchavých potoků na svazích u Kvítkovic. 8 pp. 
PSC 215   
 Worthmann H. O., 1983: A comparative study of the growth of the postlarval and juvenile Pescadas Plagioscion squamosissimus (Heckel) and Plagioscion monti (Soares) in white water lake of the Central Amazon. 13 pp. Amazoniana 7(4): 465-477.

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