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BOT 304   
 Anderson, H. M., Holmes, Keith W. B., Fitness L. A., 2008: Stems with attached Dicroidium leaves from the Ipswich coal Measures, Queensland, Australia. 12 pp. (in English). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 52(2): 1-12.
AZC 372115   
 Ansorge J., Krzeminski W., 1994: Oligophrynidae, a Lower Jurassic dipteran family (Diptera, Brachycera). 5 pp. [M14] 
 Arduini P., Pinna G., 1989: I Tilacocefali: una nuova clase di crostacei fossili. 33 pp. 
AZC 3123   
 Auffenberg W., 1988: A new species of Geochelone (Testudinata: Testudinidae) from the Pleistocene of Florida (U.S.A.). 14 pp. [REP 110] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 31/23: 591-604.
 Avanzini M., Neri C., 1998: Impronte di tetrapodi da sedimenti anisici della Valle di Non. (Trentino occidentale – Italia): nota preliminare. 15 pp. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Ferrara 1: 5-19.
MAM 251   
 Beard K. C., Luo Z.-X., 2007: Mammalian paleontology on a global stage: A tribute to Mary R. Dawson. 5 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 1-5.
MAM 252   
 Beard K. C., Marivaux L., Tun S. T., Soe A. N., Chaimanee Y., Htoon W., Marandat B., Aung H. H., Jaeger J.-J., 2007: New sivaladapid primates from the Eocene Pondaung Formation of Myanmar and the anthropoid status of Amphipitheeidae. 10 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 67-76.
EZS 111296   
 Beaucournu J.-C., Wunderlich J., 2001: A third species of Palaeopsylla Wagner, 1903, from Baltic amber (Siphonaptera: Ctenophthalmidae). 3 pp. (in English). Entomologische Zeitschrift 111(10): 296-298.
HYM 6070   
 Benson R. B., 1942: Blasticotomidae in the miocene of Florissant, Colorado (Hymenoptera Symphyta). 2 pp. [M43] 
 Bereczky M. C., 1970: Untersuchungen über die Rhizopodenfauna der Aggteleker „Baradla“ – Höhle (Biospeologica Hungarica, XXXII). 14 pp. 
AZC 2907   
 Bochenski Z., 1985: Remains of subfossil birds from King George Island (South Shetland Islands). 8 pp. [AVE 63] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 29/7: 109-116.
AZC 34563   
 Bochenski Z., 1991: Pliocene grouse of the genus Lagopus from Poland. 14 pp. [AVE 67] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 34(2): 563-577.
AZC 371347   
 Bochenski Z., Tomek T., 1994: Fossil and subfossil bird remains from five Austrian caves. 12 pp. [AVE 72] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 37(1): 347-358.
MAM 249   
 Boscheinen J.: 1972: Ein fossiler Steinbock (Capra sp.) vom Niederrhein. 3 pp. Decheniana 125(1-2): 137-139.
PPE 67219   
 Botosaneanu L., Johnson R. O., Dillon P. R., 1998: New caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) from Upper Cretaceous amber of New Jersey, U. S. A. 13 pp. (in English). [M52] Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 67: 219-231.
 Burrow C. J., 1997: Microvertebrate assemblages from the Lower Devonian (Pesavis/sulcatus zones) of Central New South Wales, Australia. 35 pp. 
PAL 8   
 Cahuzac B., 2007: Inventaire des espéces fossiles étudiées et/ou figurées dans notre Bulletin de fin 2003 a fin 2006. 2 pp. Bull. Soc. Linn. Bordeaux 2: 219-220.
REP 168   
 Campos D. de A., Martin Suarez J., Riff D., Kellner A. W. A., 2001: Short note on a new Baurusuchidae (Crocodyliformes, Metasuchia) from the upper cretaceous of Brazil. 7 pp. (in English). Boletim Mus. Nac. (N.S.) Geologia 57: 1-7.
PSC 106   
 Capasso L., 2000: Storia della paleoittiologia Italiana. 10 pp. 
PAL 12   
 Carpenter F. M., 1938: Two Carboniferous insects from the Vicinity of Mazon Creek, Illinois. 8 pp. (in English). Am. Jour. Sc. - Fifth Series 37: 445-452.
MAM 253   
 Carrasco M. A., Barnosky A. D., Kraatz B. P., Davis E. B., 2007: The Miocene mammal mapping project (MIOMAP): An online database of Arikareean through Hemphillian fossil mammals. 6 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 183-188.
MAM 254   
 Chaimanee Y., Yamee C., Marandat B., Jaeger J.-J., 2007: First middle Miocene rodents from the Mae Moh Basin (Thailand): Biochronological and paleoenvironmental implications. 7 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 157-163.
 Cooper G. A., Arellano A. R. V., Johnson J. H., Okulitch V. J., Stoyanow A., Lochman C., 1952: Cambrian stratigraphy and paleontology near Caborca, northwestern Sonora, Mexico. With 31 plates, 184 pp. 
 Èinèurová E., 1964: Príspevok k poznaniu Belemnitov Slovenska. 16 pp. (in Slovak). Ac. Rer. Natur. Mus. Nat. Slov. 10: 13-28.
REP 123   
 Danilov I. G., 1999: The ecological types on turtles in the late Cretaceous of Asia. 6 pp. Zoological sessions 281(1998): 107-112.
PPE 67167   
 Dobosz R., Hadas T. B., 1998: Andrzej Wladyslaw Skalski (1938-1966) as paleoentomolgist. 8 pp. [BIO 116] [M52] Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 67(3-4): 167-174.
MAM 218   
 Driesch A. von den, 1981: Kleinsäugerknochen aus den archäologischen Ausgrabungen am Demircihüyük / Nordwestanatolien. 14 pp. Spixiana 4(3): 233-246.
SPX 04233   
 Driesch A. von den, 1981: Kleinsäugerknochen aus den archäologischen Ausgrabungen am Demircihüyük / Nordwestanatolien. 14 pp. [MAM218] Spixiana 4(3): 233-246.
PPE 84259   
 Drohojowska J., Perkovsky E. E., Szwedo J., 2015: New genus and species of Aleyrodidae from Eocene Baltic amber (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aleyrodomorpha). 11 pp. [M63] Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 84(4): 259-269.
ARA 2147   
 Dunlop J. A., 1998: A fossil whipscorpion from the lower cretaceous of Brazil. 5 pp. 
 Edgecombe G. D., 1998: Early Myriapodous Arthropods from Australia: Maldybulakia from the Devonian of New South Wales. 21 pp. 
MAM 255   
 Emry R. J., 2007: The middle Eocene North American myomorph rodent Elymys, her Asian sister Aksyiromys, and other Eocene myomorphs. 10 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 141-150.
 Enderlein G., 1910: Über die Phylogenie und Klassifikation der Mecopteren unter Berücksichtigung der fossilen Formen. 15 pp. [M39] 
 Enderlein G., 1929: Die Klassifikation der Coniopterygiden auf Grund der recenten und fossilen Gattungen. 17 pp. [M39] 
EVE 819   
 Esin D. N., 1997: Peculiarities of trophic orientation changes in palaeoniscoid assemblages from the Upper Permian of the European part of Russia. 11 pp. 
AZC 3120   
 Estes R., 1988: Lower vertebrates from the Golden Valley Formation, Early Eocene of North Dakota (U.S.A.). 22 pp. [80331] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 31/20: 541-562.
AVE 18   
 Farkas T., 1964: Die Bedeutung der pleistozänen Vogelfaunen der Höhlen im Ungarischen Mittelgebirge. 11 pp. 
PSC 242   
 Figueiredo F. J. de, Gallo V., Coelho P. M., 2001: First occurrence of Rharbichthys (Teleostei: Enchodontidae) in the upper cretaceous of Pelotas Basin (Atlantida formation), southern Brazil. 8 pp. (in English). Boletim Mus. Nac. (N.S.) Geologia 61: 1-8.
 Fischer O., 1991: Pliocene flora from the alginite at Gérce. 23 pp. 
MAM 256   
 Flynn L. J., 2007: Origin and evolution of the Diatomyidae, with clues to paleoecology from the fossil record. 9 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 173-181.
 Franz H., 1950: Prä- und Interglaziale relikte in der Bodenfauna der Nordostalpen. 19 pp. (in German). Eight International Congress of Entomology: 1-19.
ZME 793175   
 Gamauf A., Haring E., 2005: Phylogeny of Old World Perninae (Accipitridae) based on mitochondrial DNA sequences. 3 pp. Zoologische Mededelingen Leiden 79 (3): 175-177.
MAM 113   
 Gasparik M., 1993: Deinotheres (Proboscidea, Mammalia) of Hungary. 15 pp. 
 Gazin C. L., Collins R. L., 1950: Remains of land mammals from the Miocen of the Chesapeake Bay Region. 21 pp. 
MAM 257   
 Gebo D. L., Dagosto M., Beard K. C., Ni X., Qi T., 2007: Primate humeral remains from the middle Eoeene of China. 6 pp. Bull. Carn. Mus. Nat. Hist. 39: 77-82.
 Haffer J., 1977: Pleistocene speciation in Amazonia Birds. 31 pp. Amazoniana 6(2): 161-191.
EVE 894   
 Hanai T., Yamaguchi T., 1987: Pleistocene Ostracod fauna of Shimokita, Aomori Prefecture (Preliminary report). 7 pp. (in Japanese). Memoirs of the National Science Museum 20: 45-51.
 Hasegawa Y., Tomida Y., Kohno N., Ono K., Nokariya H., Uyeno T., 1988: Quaternary vertebrates from Shiriya Area, Shimokita Peninsula, northeastern Japan. 20 pp. (in Japanese). Memoirs of the National Science Museum 21: 17-36.
AZC 3124   
 Hecht M. K., LaDuke T. C., 1988: Bolyerine vertebral variation: A problem for paleoherpetology. 10 pp. [REP 60] Acta zoologica cracoviensia 31/24: 605-614.
 Heie O. E., Wegierek P., 1998: A list of fossil aphids (Homoptera: Aphidinea). 34 pp. Annals of the Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom 8-9: 159-192.

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