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 Desneux J., 1905: Variétés termitologiques. 25 pp. [M39] 
ISO 231   
 Kaib M., 2000: Chemical signals and communication in termites: A review. 8 pp. (in German). Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. Allg. Agnew. Ent. 12: 211-218.
 Kensley B. F., 1971: Termitophilous isopods from Southern Africa. 17 pp. 
ISO 232   
 König H., Berchtold M., Fröhlich J., Wenzel M., Emtiazi F., 2000: Die lignocellulolytischen Mikroorganismen des Termitendarmes. 4 pp. (in German). Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. Allg. Agnew. Ent. 12: 219-222.
ISO 233   
 Mikus S., Kaib M., 2000: Food choice in termites: The role of chemoreceptors for water uptake. 4 pp. (in German). Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. Allg. Agnew. Ent. 12: 223-226.
KLA 35141   
 Prokop J., Nel A., 1999: Tertiary termite from the Bílina mine locality in northern Bohemia (Isoptera: Hodotemitidae). 4 pp. [M50] Klapalekiana 35(3-4): 141-144.
EBA 02039   
 Roonwal M. L., Chhotani O. B., 1977: Ergebnisse der Bhutan-Expedition 1972 der Naturhistorischen Museums in Basel. Isoptera (Termites). 46 pp. [M51] Entomologica Basiliensia 2: 39-84.
 Snyder T. E., 1922: New termites from Hawaii, Central and South America, and the Antilles. 35 pp. 
 Snyder T. E., 1925: Descriptions of new species and hitherto unknown castes of termites from America and Hawaii. 45 pp. 
 Snyder T. E., 1926: Termites collected on the Mulford biological exploration to the Amazon Basin, 1921-1922. 79 pp. 
ISO 14   
 Snyder T. E., 1933: New termites from India. 14 pp. 
AEB 81416   
 Valterová I., Křeček J., Vrkoč J., 1984: Frontal gland secretion and ecology of the Greater Antillean termite Nasutitermes hubbardii (Isoptera, Termitidae). 10 pp. Acta entomologica Bohemoslovaca 81: 416-425.

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